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SMG provides thorough inspections and assessments to ensure safety, compliance, and quality in maritime and industrial operations.

SMG is a Full Member in LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), also approved from ABS & BV Classes.

Our team is composed of well-qualified Engineers, Inspectors and skilled technicians whom are regularly trained to cover most of the industrial and marine inspections.

We are a specialized service provider that focuses on ensuring the safety and reliability of lifting equipment and systems used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, shipping, and logistics. We play a vital role in conducting thorough inspections, testing, and certification of lifting equipment to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our primary objective is to prevent accidents, protect workers, and safeguard valuable assets while promoting compliance with safety regulations and standards.

What We Do.

We provide thorough inspections and assessments to ensure safety, compliance, and quality in maritime operations.

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection.

  • Inspections and Re-certification of Lifting Accessories.

  • NDT inspection services.

  • Megger testing.

  • Portable & Fixed gas system (Services, Calibration, & Certifications).

  • Noise survey.

  • Rocking Test for Cranes.

  • Steel Wire Ropes Socketing with Third Party Certificate.

  • Load Testing Using Verified Load.

  • Water Bags Rental & Supply.

Rastanura - Saudi Arabia

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Khobar - Saudi Arabia

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Jubail - Saudi Arabia

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Sealand Maritime International FZE
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           Sharjah, UAE