We are a distributor of various industrial gases and welding supplies that serve a variety of industries. We value the long-term relationships we have with our customers and enjoy the process of participating the client projects and challenges.

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable and always seek to serve our customers better by informing them of new ideas and technology to improve their businesses. Customer feedback is taken seriously, and


we do our best to satisfy our customers’ needs and requests.

When you need to have gases, supplies, and/or equipments to your location, we have the staff & delivery trucks to accommodate you.

Liquid Helium  
Air (Compressed)
Liquid Oxygen  
Liquid Nitrogen  
Argon Gas Mixtures
MAPP Gas  
Breathing Air
Medical Gases  
Carbon Dioxide
Dry Ice
Nitrogen Gas Mixtures  
Helium Gas Mixtures
Oxygen Gas Mixtures  
Propane (Cylinder & Bulk)  
Hydrogen Gas Mixtures
Specialty Gases  
Liquid Argon
Specialty Gas Mixtures  
Liquid Carbon Dioxide      


Welding Cutting Accessories
Safety Equipment
Filler Metals

Saudi Arabia

Al Khobar:
Post Box 79703, Al Khobar-31952
Tel: +966 3 896 0837 / 898 2787
Fax: +966 3 895 2318

Ras Tanura:
Post Box 33, Ras Tanura,
Tel: +966 3 6675 853


P.O.Box 52211, Hamriyah Free Zone,
Sharjah, U.A.E.

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