An importer of goods, you have to overcome the challenges of sourcing from multiple suppliers, in many origins, in several countries. You have to deal with vendors, warehouse providers, customs brokers and transportation carriers. To manage all of this, you want visibility of your flows along your entire supply chain.

Our teams/associates are located in your origin country, so we can act as your local representative, working closely with your suppliers to manage product quality and consolidation. We leverage our volumes to give you the best space availability and prices on your trade lanes. And we have the latest systems to give you the visibility and assurance that your products will arrive on time.

All of this creates significant value for your international supply chain:

  • Reduced product costs – by undertaking product customization at origin rather than destination, we can help you to reduce product costs.
  • Reduced inbound logistics costs – by managing and consolidating flows, and reducing the need for emergency shipments, we can help you to reduce logistics costs.
  • Increased responsiveness – through careful selection of channel by segment, and better management of flows, we can shorten your lead times and improve product availability, whilst reducing your inventory.
  • Reduced destination costs – through better management of flows, we reduce demurrage costs, and through consolidating at origin, allow direct-to-store delivery or storage at our facility which reduces storage and handling requirements at destination.

Through our International Logistics Solutions, we provide you with true end-to-end management, from purchase order to point of delivery

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